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or combat.

Adventure games are among the earliest video game genres.

Their line descends from the original.

Colossal Cave game (also known colloquially as, adventure written by Will Crowther and Don Woods in the 1970s, based on the.

Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky, and its immediate successor, Dungeon, which was later marketed commercially as the.

Adventure games remained one of the dominant genres throughout the 1980s until the mid-90s, as they tended to be far less demanding on computer resources than their action-oriented brethren.

Sierra and, lucasArts became the big players in graphical adventure games.

Infocom, on the other hand, was the dominant force for textual adventure games, which they marketed as ".

Interactive Fiction which has now become the term for that genre.

Most commenters claim that the Adventure genre is in its final death-throes, and has been for almost twenty years, since the original Interactive Fiction genre ceased to be a viable commercial entity.

Adventure games are still produced and bought in approximately the same numbers as before, but that's a much smaller market share nowadays.

However, elements of Adventure games have migrated into other genres, resulting in the highly successful.

In fact, due to the recession of "true" Adventure games on the commercial market, the.

Action-Adventure genre is sometimes just called the Adventure genre.

This would be essentially where adventure-themed games such as the.

Uncharted series and especially, another World would go, as they are not considered adventure games due to their use of combat and eschewal of puzzles and story.

That's because, ironic to the name, Adventure Games are not about action, and as such, are not what non-gamers might think of as "adventures" in the way that adventure movies or books are often full of action, chases and danger.

In fact, Adventure Games are some of the slowest-paced games around, being more focused on story, exploration, suspense, dialogue and puzzle-solving, leading to some criticism of the use of the word "adventure".

The upside is that they may consume as many hours of play as a wide open sandbox, but with a script that leaves the player wondering "what happens next" if they can get past this obstacle.

Compare, say, the adventures in the.

Indiana Jones movies to, the Fate Of Atlantis, which feels like an extended roleplay of an Indiana Jones movie, and then to Uncharted, which feels like an arcade simulation of an Indiana Jones movie.

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