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Much like the nipslip before it, 2014 movies will likely be remembered for their inclusion of blink-and-you'll-miss-it full frontal male nudity.

We have David Fincher and his not one but two displays of his actors' no-no zones in ".

Gone Girl " to thank for that one.

Of course, "Gone Girl" wasn't the only flick to show a little skin.

Below, check out our compilation of the year's best movie nude scenes and a ranking of a few of our favorites, and then vote in the poll.

Don't see your favorite listed?

Call it out in the comments, loud and proud.

"Horns Juno Temple Daniel Radcliffe.

There's a very easy joke to be made here, but we're not going to make.

Not out loud, at least.

"A Million Ways To Die In The West Liam Neeson.

He has a very particular set of skills and also you see his butt in this movie.

"Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Eva Green.

There she is, the titular dame.

"Clouds Of Sils Maria Kristen Stewart 2014 is the year of the butt, and Kristen Stewart's character in "Clouds of Sils Maria" tends to agree.

"Wild Reese Witherspoon, reese Witherspoon's movie tracks her character's epic hike through California and Oregon, but certain flashback scenes show her.

"X-Men Days Of Future Past Hugh Jackman.

"Neighbors Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne.

Universal, even parents get down sometimes.

After all, how else do they become parents?

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen go to funkytown several times over the course of the movie, and there are plenty of butts to be seen.

Most notable, of course, is seeing butts while also seeing a baby see butts.

"Maps to the Stars Julianne Moore.

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