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Step mom and stepson

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Step mom and stepson
- loving them like their own since day one.

Many stepmoms feel unappreciated and flat out hurt when their stepchildren go all out for their Mother on this day, without the slightest acknowledgement of the role that they play in their lives.

It's a terrible feeling that can really hijack your day.

You can read about it, hERE.

I was a few days away from my due date with Reese, my hormones were raging and the green eyed monster got the best.

Despite how I felt that day, today, I want to talk about why.

I don't think that stepmoms should feel this way at all.

I want to talk about WHY stepmoms should do their best to override these natural feelings of jealousy and hurt.

Well, because your Mother's Day celebration (or lack thereof) does NOT define the level of love and appreciation that your stepchildren have for you.

It doesn't define your relationship.

Actually, to make sure I get that point across I'm going to say it again!

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