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relate to 1709, when he studied at the.

Petersburg office of the provincial Italian language.

In 1710, by decree of Peter I, he was sent to serve in the Office of the City Police Affairs.

The Office then directed the erection of a stone fortress 'St Petersburg' and the construction around the city.

Was led by Domenico Trezzini, with the architect.

Michael, zemtsov had the opportunity to learn.

His outstanding abilities were seen, michael, zemtsova, domenico Trezzini, which is often even left his pupil to work with other trainees.

It is recommended Trezzini.

Zemtsova for a trip to Moscow, where in 1718, work began in the Moscow Kremlin and Kitai-Town.

The construction manager has been appointed.

In 1719 he died.

Mattarnovi, and in 1720 -.

Their work continued.

The Italian was in a difficult position, because he lived at that time in Russia only a year, poor knowledge of Russian language.

At associates he was summoned from Moscow, Mikhail.

Zemtsov, because he could not only provide support but also to be an interpreter.

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