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Hq pornee

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Hq pornee
with 60 frames per second videos.

This is not a marketing bullshit.

These videos fucking rock.

Watch as if you were with these couples in the same room.

Jerking off without them noticing.

HQPorner Usability, the design and everything else are bit different from other tube sites.

Do we like it though?

Thats a story for another time.

The thumbnails are two to three times larger than on any other site.

Id say HQ Porner resembles Pinterest layout or Instagram, something for the new age of masturbators.

Other than overly large images, you have sidebar on the left, like old-school WordPress blogs.

Basically, I am not sure that HQPorner knows what it wants.

At least its different.

The usability suffers in this regard too as discovering porn is way harder with this layout.

Few years ago, HQ Porner was one of the cleanest sites that is now not as good.

Wish we could go back to the classic style.

At least they have not ditched the original idea behind HQPorner.

In other words, 60fps porn is still here and all in the juicy quality.

My wish for admins is to work on usability, as finding anything sucks.

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