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Sex stories mom and son

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Sex stories mom and son
seen my mom sexually.

Bit one night I was feeling horny.

And thought it would be funny to expose my cock to my mom.

So I went to bed on the couch and wore a pair of boxers and let my cock hang out the front door.

I knew my mom would wake up and come out at some point during night.

But before I could even fall asleep she came out.

I pretended to be sleeping but I could sense my mom walk near and stopped for a few minutes.

My cock was hard from before just thinking about this.

And now it was happening.

I was hoping my mom was gonna grasp my cock in her hand or shove it down her throat bit nothing happened.

Over the next couple days I couldn't stop thinking of having sex with my mom.

All I could think about.

What really turned me on was know she hasn't been with a man in at least 4 years.

I was hoping she would leave me some sort of sign.

Then one day my mom was napping on the couch.

All she had on was a long shirt.

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