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, this whole area seemed so subjective to methe criteria used for distinguishing between the erotic and pornographic is so steeped in personal moral, aesthetic, and religious valuesthat I feared immersing myself in the controversial literature might end up "diluting" my own viewpoint.

Even though many people regard these two orientations to human as overlapping (and some even as identical I see them as existing on essentially different planes.

And in this brief essay, I'll attempt to explain why.

It's not a coincidence that when scholars reflect on eroticism in the fine arts, they're frequently considering the human form as the artist has more or less idealized.

Whether the visual medium is drawing, engraving, lithography, painting, sculpture, photography, or film, they view the creator as striving to capture a certain almost inexpressible beauty about the human anatomy, or the act of love.

And since the very perception of beautyor that which is aestheticis ultimately subjective, they're generally aware that one artist's sense of the beautiful might actually be another's plain or homely.

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